Creature of Sight

by Lëura

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Produced by Lachlan Mitchell (The Jezabels), ‘Creature of Sight’ is the debut LP by Sydney based solo artist Lëura. The young artist offers a confessional and thought provoking binary of the emotional cycle between the ‘hunter’ and the ‘bleeder’, concluding as each persona blurs the lines, bleeds into the other, and comes full circle.

Riding a wave of recognition for lead singles 'Drifter' and 'Shallows', the full release highlighted two further singles; ‘Skeleton Swoon’ – a gentle and hypnotizing, glockenspiel fuelled breather; and ‘Sleep Spindles’ – a moody post-rock take on how emotional abuse flickers its way into the sleep patterns of two lovers, concluding “Sleep my dear. I’ll be here, until morning calls my bluff."

Take note of two bass guitars on every track, children’s cello bows, shattering glass, reverse pianos and most distinctively, a section where the young artist was recorded drumming on the steering wheel of her car.


released May 5, 2015

Lëura is Joelle Winderbaum
Produced and Recorded by Lachlan Mitchell at Jungle Studios
Additional Recording by Phan Sjarif

Mixed by Ryan Miller at Attic Studios
Mastered by Andrew Edgeson at Studios 301
Artwork by Christopher Osborn
Graphic Design by Simanion

All songs by Joelle Winderbaum

Lyrics, Vocals, Guitars by Joelle Winderbaum
Guitars by Ryan Fitz-Henry
Bass by Adric Spearpoint
Drums and Glockenspiel by Nick Hall

All rights of the owner of copyright in this sound recording reserved.

© & ℗ 2013 Winderbaum



all rights reserved


Lëura Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Into the East
Dip yours hands into the ink
Study your fingerprint
A shallow grave awaits for you
If all you knew was how to bleed her

You know just how to bleed her
You know how to bleed
Happiness exhausts her
The blood knows how to feed
Track Name: Hunters and Bleeders
Stranger in my skin
From a distance, you write to me
A bedouin ghost
An aching home
Bloody rose in my cheek

Silence begets my reply
Worry lines build you and me
She blurs the line, she errs on fact
Tattoos a list of crimes
Begins again

There’s mail you need to collect
Don’t ask me how I know
Two nights in a row outside your house
Writing, expecting clarity
Nothing but darkness colours me

Swallow your pain
You’ve been here before
You’ll be here again

You pulse through my veins
My love for you is

Bare your chest as they come
With their loaded questions and loaded guns
You self implode and then become
Something to bind your idle hands and abandoned orphan heart

Quietly, you delay
Company, so I stay
The night, a filler for your sheets
I know you don’t love me
I’m happy to be naive
Fever breaks me
Keeps her weighed in apathy

Your cornerstone
Your pillar to atone
Dear girl, where do you go?

Don’t tell my mother
It’s better she don’t know
How dark I can be

Don’t tell my mother
It’s better she don’t see
How the bleeders hunt for me
Track Name: Drifter
Oceans fall
Down my shoulders
Words come slow
Don’t fight the tide

Shadows call
Ropes won’t hold her
Tomorrow’s guilt will
Drown with me

Waves break their seas
On you, on me

Sins give their knees
For you, for me
Track Name: Skeleton Swoon
Stones throw
Across the river
Watch the ripples collide

Hollow bones
Animate my skin
Tell me did your bones collide?

Water marks
Are few and far
But you’re still young my son

(soon you’ll see)

And these scars
Breathe underneath
Between the fear of naked lungs

So you brood
Your skeleton it swoons
Don’t be fooled by the mire

Battered and bruised
Your skeleton it swoons
With like minds on the mile
Track Name: Shallows
Your tears stain the pillow-case
And there I watch you stay
Soaking in your sheets
You disintegrate

If I could take your burdens
I'd turn them into dust
But your floods they weep
Your hours they bleed
Weeks go by
Your oceans eyes
Not unlike mine

And I sink trying to swim to you
And I sink trying to swim

If I could take your burdens
I'd turn them into dust
But your floods they weep
If I could sweep the agony from your eyes
Make you see yourself through mine
Weeks go by

And I sink trying to swim to you
And I sink trying to swim

If I could free you from all your guilt
Wean you down from those pills
Maybe then you wouldn't wear so thin
And I could spin your sorrow into silk

Oh you know, you know she doesn't love you
But oh, she knows that she should

And I sink trying to swim to you
And I sink trying to swim

I'm sorry if I sink you too
Track Name: Sleep Spindles
Lay your head down, I don’t mind
Stir your slumber, don’t unfold
Spill your secrets to the sea, it’s time
To cross the bridges that are burning you alive

Heavy hearts and heavy sheets
I plead the sun not to rise
Our sadness fuse our sleep spindles weave
Your fractured heart into mine

Stay with me
It’s safer with me
We’re both blinded by another
You don’t see me
And I know you love her
For reasons reason won’t conjure

I sow my lips to keep your secrets
The things you’ve never told before
And when the evening weighs the sun down
I count the spindles you adorn

Sleep my dear.
I’ll be here.
Until morning calls my bluff.
Track Name: E Cosi
Is it dark where you are?
Colourful minds turn to grey
Vivid memories will fade
Cast lies aside no matter how white they remain

Is it dark where you are?
A life alone to comprehend
Watch you begin your descent
With nothing to lose but the noose around your neck

Chaos ensues
Walls close in
Tattoo your fingerprints all over my skin
And in hindsight
Shapes of you will decorate my mind

She ruined you
Track Name: Beast
She knows how to bleed you
She knows how to bleed
She knows how to bleed you
The blood knows how to beat

The blood is but a beast